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Onirica Productions is the extension of our passion for the art of the still and moving image, focused in the production of commercial videos as well as artistic and non-profit projects.

Located in the vibrant community of Jamaica Plain (Boston, MA), this project was launched by Bijoyini Chatterjee and Juan Carlos Barrera in 2009, growing into more than a production company, but an artist collective.

Each new work represents an exciting challenge and is embraced with the same enthusiasm as the first one we did, but with experience and influences that grow continuously.

We approach each client, listening to them, getting to know what they want, guiding and working together to create a genuine point of view.

Our goal is to build a personalized film in which the intimate, emotional, profound or comic have a place.

We look forward to filming your unique story, idea or project.

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ONIRICA  [Spanish: Oneiric] 


1 Of, relating to, or suggestive of dreams;

2 Use of sound and images to tell your story, express your needs, showcase your talent or record momentous and meaningful occasions in your life