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Anjali Mitter Duva’s novel “Faint Promise of Rain is the story of a little girl in 16th century India.

Born during the first rain in five years, Adhira is both somewhat magical and a harbinger of change. Her Hindu family´s tradition dictates that she becomes a devadasi, a temple dancer and sexual companion to wealthy men.

But set against the backdrop of impending war with invading Muslim armies, her unwavering faith creates layers of conflict and secrecy in her family, which all unravel when she falls prey to the temple priest´s desires.

Told from her all-knowing point of view, this is a story of devotion to art and to family, of change and loss, and of new beginnings.

ABOUT THE WRITER -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anjali Mitter Duva is a freelance writer and project manager, and the former Executive Director of Chhandika (the Chhandam Institute of Kathak Dance, Inc.) Still heavily involved in the organization’s administration, she also teaches kathak dance to some of its youngest students.

Her professional writing spans corporate, non-profit and academic communications; educational and research-based Web content; and fundraising and development materials. Her fields of expertise include urban development, international affairs, history, geography, public health and arts and culture. She has been a writing tutor and instructor at MIT.

faint promise of rain

2010, 2:22 min

Cambridge, MA

faint promise of rain