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This video documents a poetry and music performance which was created in response to an exhibit of five sculptures by Andy Zimmermann, at the Boston Sculptors Gallery in May, 2011.

The pieces were titled after the sculptures: You Again!, Dressing Room, Reflection, 13 Not Me, and Meing & Nothingness.

The first scene shows the sculptures in the gallery: four works using mirrors, and a fifth which is a set of viewer-triggered kinetic sculptures which produce sound. The video then shows clips from the five pieces of the performance.

The poets are Rosamond Zimmermann and Cammy Thomas. The musicians are Froilan Decan on guitar, John Scales on drums, and Andy Zimmermann on midi-guitar.

ABOUT THE ARTIST -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Andy Zimmermann graduated from Harvard College in 1975, where he majored in psychology, and also studied art. From that time onward he has had solo gallery exhibits in Boston and New York City, and has participated in group shows around the U.S. and in Europe. He earned an MFA from the MassArt in 2003.

In recent years his work has incorporated digital media, including digital photographs on sculpture, and installations using video, animation, and digital sound. His installation “Cars and Stars using all of these media was recently featured in a solo installation in the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA.

He has also performed with various groups as a guitarist and cellist, and has collaborated on theater projects as a video and sound artist.

where am I?

2011, 9:18 min

Boston, MA

where am I?